Conventional methods are completely sufficient for some restoration tasks and cleaning applications. Where the traditional measures no longer meet the requirements for the sustainable remediation of contaminated sites, innovative approaches and methods are required.

Hardly anyone accepts compromises when it comes to sustainability, especially regarding innovative solutions. Innovative solutions, methods and processes require sufficient research before they are used in nature. Internal and external research pursue only one goal: Sustainability and effectiveness must be clearly demonstrated before they can be used in nature.
The following examples from research and development show how we lead innovations to marketable, sustainable solutions. It is nice that costs and commitment were also recognized through funding.

Completed scientific research

Completed scientific research

Examples of some completed research projects are:
  • Spiez Laboratory, "Immobilization study of antimony and lead in contaminated soil" Diploma thesis by a student of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, carried out in- and supervised by the Spiez Laboratory
  • ETH Zurich, "Investigating the leachability of amended shooting range soil", Bachelor thesis by a student of the ETH Zurich, Institute for Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • ETH Zurich, "Antimony retention and release from drained and waterlogged shooting range soil under field conditions", Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, ETH Zurich
  • UMTEC, Labor Lysimeter: "Analytics of Sb, Pb, Cu, Ni, Sr, DOC, pH, Lf, Temp. from 5 liter collective sample"
  • UMTEC, aktiLys Luzern: For about two years, the retention of the heavy metals antimony, lead and copper by the adsorber material was examined with analysis of the leachate

Ongoing research

The following research projects are currently active:

  • UMTEC, aktiFang Frauenfeld: In an active shooting range of the Swiss army, the retention of the heavy metals antimony, lead and copper by the adsorber material is examined

Ongoing research

I am convinced that an effective and sustainable solution to current environmental problems is the basis for the future and every healthy economic development.

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